quinta-feira, 12 de maio de 2016

гипнотизирующий ночь (gipnotiziruyushchiy noch') - Noites Encantadas

Last night I was going on the street, lullaby on the sidewalk running away from that italian accent that was attacking me for years and I met two girls, passers by as well and I asked them what they were studying and they sayed to me that they were students of mental injuried people treatment, at least that was what I get from the laughs and the different language (croatian I believe). They were twirling around with their skirts the red hair and the blue eyes and I couldn't contain myself.
- I suffer from mental disturbance, dreaming crazy lunacies and nowadays I can't tell the dreams from the real lives.
I told them this in a very calm way, much like a priest would behave but my eyes were on a fire circle and the tear was drop on a torch that burned my face and I had a судорога, I don't remember the english word for that, I have to find out...is spasm, I had a spasm. And when I come out from eat I didn't recognize myself in the strangers eyes. The problem is that they were to excited (возбужденный) and what else can I do when I find two laughing drunk girls on the streets? I took them to my house by the seaside and I made triumphant love with pretty girls and then I send the pieces back to the сад.

тень руки

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